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We understand that the thought of tree removal can be daunting.

Providing the finest tree removal Wirral has to offer, our Wirral tree surgeons have safely and efficiently removed many trees of all shapes and sizes over a long period of time.

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Tree Surgeons Wirral

We are able to both remove (cut down) and dispose of a large number of trees from any site or premises (in Wirral and surrounding areas), usually in one visit. Our wood chipper “chips down” the tree(s) into smaller pieces of wood; we do have clients that like to keep these smaller pieces of wood for either landscaping purposes in their gardens or for other gardening use.

We can remove small trees to another location in Wirral or completely remove the tree by cutting it down. Either way, the intention of tree removal is to remove the tree from its current location.

Wirral trees are a valuable resource that we all want to preserve, however, like all things, trees have a life expectancy. Sometimes a tree with a problem cannot be fixed by pruning and trimming or any other tree surgery and becomes a hindrance to your garden. As such, it will need to be removed from the property. Trees are a renewable source of energy. They grow quite quickly.

Our highly experienced and qualified Wirral tree surgeons have a passion for tree care, tree felling and removal, all other tree surgery jobs, landscaping and garden maintenance.

Reasons for Tree Removal in Wirral:

  • It has structural damage which may cause it to fall over and cause serious damage to persons/property.
  • Falling branches may cause a high risk of danger to persons and property.
  • You wish to modify the landscaping and need a tree(s) removed to accomplish this.
  • Roots are a threat to your property’s foundation or to other services such as water and waste pipes, electric and communications cables and ducts.
  • The foliage has lost its visual shape and appeal due to disease, destroying its leaves, limbs and sometimes trunk.
  • Limbs, branches and leaves are very close to your house, blocking sunlight which helps prevent moisture build up on the walls and roof of your property.

Our experienced Wirral tree surgeon will carefully and skilfully remove the tree (and tree stump if required), leaving your property ready for whatever you have planned. They will ensure the complete removal of even the largest, most difficult tree with no disruption to your home/property.

Tree Removal Banner

Tree Removal Banner

Our tree climbers can access the most difficult areas. We use only the latest techniques and tree surgery equipment and our focus on safety is second to none! And of course we’ll clear up all debris created, usually dropping the debris off in a local Wirral wood chip site.. If you have a tree removal job, you might be tempted to fell it yourself or use unqualified contractors. Tree removal is a complex and potentially dangerous job and for tree surgeon costs you certainly don’t have to break the bank! It should only be carried out by qualified tree surgeons because:

  • Trees can grow again if the roots aren’t correctly removed. Stump removal does this.
  • Tree stumps left behind can be unsightly and potentially hazardous.
  • Our tree surgeons are skilled and highly experienced at climbing and accessing difficult areas.

Just remember, if your tree stump is in a raised bed, and you are going to be removing the raised bed, then remove the raised bed first before calling in the stump grinding team.  Otherwise you may have to call out the stump grinding team twice which will add more expense.

Pruning helps the growth of developing trees and can correct the shape of older ones.

Every cut made to a tree has a lasting effect, whether good or bad.

This is why you are wise to get professional tree maintenance carried out by the Wirral Tree Surgeons as a wise investment for the future of your green spaces.